Where to start...

Hi SIadbh - my amulet has just arrived! I absolutely love it - Thank you so so much! And also thank you so much for the moss agate and beautiful message! I'm so excited to start my journey on learning about and enjoying the crystals! Thank you! 


Siadbh I just wanted to express to you again the joy the amulet I received from you as a gift from my dear friend has bought me. It feels as though it came to me at the perfect moment to support me and I'm so grateful it did. But also when I see another woman honouring her magnificent life force and creating with such intention and beauty it inspires me as im sure it does so many others. So thank you for sharing your gift with the world with me!


Siadbh thank you so so much, I cannot describe the feeling of complete happiness as I fastened the most amazing amulet around my neck. I am in love & thank you for your gift of sunstone I love it all . Thank you


I have felt a huge shift since wearing the lapis lazuli !! My Mam said she noticed the change also . Blown away by its power. Its such an ally . THANK YOU



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