Amethyst 16" Amulet
Amethyst 16" Amulet
Amethyst 16" Amulet

Amethyst 16" Amulet

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Inspired by lavender, wild blueberries and lilac.

Heightens creative flow and intuition. Its range of pale to vibrant lilac stimulates the throat and crown chakras allowing for the higher mind to be spoken with ease. The Amethyst Amulet is calming to our emotional and energetic bodies. It is an ally for anyone who endures a stressful lifestyle. Known by the ancients as an extremely powerful and protective crystal with a very high vibration. It can purify energy fields and create a protective shield of light around the aura. Amethyst is photosensitive, some colours may fade over time in direct sunlight.

  • Crystal Amulet, sapphires, solid gold chain, clasp fastening.
  • Composition: 9ct solid gold, sapphires, crystal.
  • Dimensions: Crystal: 20mm Chain length: 16"
  • Sustainability: This product is made with certified recycled gold. Using recycled materials reduces waste, and also the dependance on natural or fossil fuel derived material.
  • Each crystal is natural from the earth and the presence of inclusions will vary in each, adding to their character.