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How do I choose my Crystal Amulet?

The crystal chooses you. It will be the one that sparks joy in you when you see it. The same feeling of resonance your soul feels when listening to a beautiful piece of music is the same resonance you should feel when connecting with your crystal amulet. Trust your intuition.

How to keep the vibration of my Crystal Amulet high and clear?

Crystals are highly sensitive to their environment and absorb the energy around them. Every day before wearing your Amulet I would commit to this ritual which takes two minutes each morning.

Step 1 - Cleanse your Amulet with the smoke from sage / palo santo or hold under running water. 

Step 2- Charge your Amulet by holding the crystal in your left hand and visualise white or golden light beaming from it. 

Step 3- Programme your Amulet by setting an intention for what energies you would like to programme your crystal with that day- eg abundance, love, protection etc 

Then transfer your Crystal Amulet to your right hand to receive the energy.

Are your crystals ethically sourced?

Yes, I source my crystals from a family run gem mining and lapidary team based in Jaipur, India who have been perfecting this art for over 30 years. Sourcing crystals from local, conflict free mines which can sustain the harvesting of these materials. 

I know each person that cuts my crystals by name and I am in constant , open communication with my team who are very well educated. We work together to choose crystals that are aligned energetically and aesthetically to SIADBH. All crystals are ethically sourced and in their most natural form.

What materials are the Amulet chains?

You can choose from 14k gold filled, 9k recycled solid gold or recycled sterling silver chains. All our metal is sourced from a member of the responsible jewellery council. 

Can layer more than one Amulet at a time?

Yes, I have never had a negative experience while wearing numerous crystals. Let your intuition guide you on what crystals to wear each day.

Can you replace the chain on my Amulet if it is damaged?

Yes you can send your Crystal Amulet back to us to be repaired or replaced for a fee. We do not cover the cost of shipping. 

Can I order a custom Crystal Amulet?

Yes you can design your own Amulet to be created here

What is a Life Path number?

Expanding your awareness on your Life Path awakens you to gifts you may never know you had which are all apart of your purpose in life. Adding this aspect to your Crystal Amulet is a constant reminder of these gifts that you are here to share with others. Use our Life Path calculator here to gain awareness on your Life Path.


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