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About Us

Having benefited from wearing and connecting with crystals for years SIADBH was created through my desire to share this experience with others. 

Inspired by our ancient history,

Crystals and gemstones play a huge part in culture of the world. Wearing Amulets was a status of honour, respect, royalty, stature and abundance.  

The birth of Crystal Amulets

came from feeling called to the power of wearing crystals and not finding crystal jewellery that resonated with me in the marketplace. The first Amulet was born organically from a chunk of black tourmaline , guitar string and a piece of chord.

Completely self taught, I create from a place of authenticity , intuition and intention. 

SIADBH Crystal Amulets are handcrafted in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Part of their magic is in how they feel, rough, smooth, inclusions and cracks which are all apart of their natural creation. Each crystal is designed with tactile vision in mind and to be in contact with the body. 

Our mission is to create Amulets that become sacred allies, empowering and accompanying the guardian on their path in life. 

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