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Awaken to your gifts in life

I still remember the first time I heard I was a Life Path 8, the words ‘abundance’ and ‘power’ were alien to me. Up to that point in life, I had repeated patterns of freely giving my power away, never saying what I really wanted or expressing my true self. Abundance was something I had experienced fleetingly and could never truly grasp. When I gained awareness of my Life Path gifts it was like a switch flicked in my mind. I realised I had been living in the shadow, lower aspects of myself and there was a whole world of possibilities open to me. A lot of what I create is due to something I have experienced or overcome before in life and I want to gift the outcome of my experience with you.
For many of us ‘purpose’ feels like something we may never connect with but I am here to tell you that you are already fulfilling your purpose. What ever challenges and lessons you are going through are all apart of your higher purpose and life path.
Expanding your awareness on your Life Path  awakens you to gifts you may never know you had which are all apart of your purpose in life.
Adding this aspect to your Crystal Amulet is a constant reminder of these gifts that you are here to share with others.

Life Path 1 - Creativity & Confidence
Life Path 2  - Balance &  Cooperation
Life Path 3 -Expression & Sensitivity
Life Path 4 - Stability & Process,
Life Path 5 - Discipline & Freedom,
Life Path 6 - Vision & Acceptance
Life Path 7 - Trust & Openness
Life Path 8 - Abundance & Power
Life Path 9 - Truth & Integrity

A great book to read if you would like to learn more about Life Path numbers is -
'The life you were born to live' by Dan Millman


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