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My ritual for the a powerful Crystal Amulet experience

I create your Crystal Amulet with intention and attune the energy to the highest vibration of love but this does not mean that you never need to cleanse your Amulet again. Crystals are highly programmable and are absorbing energy on our behalf all the time, if you do not cleanse them everyday they will become saturated and unable to do their work. You will feel a heavy energy when wearing it or not be drawn to it at all anymore.

Through experience I have created my own ritual that I perform every morning, it’s takes less than two minutes to do, strengthens your relationship with your Amulet and is a great way to start tuning into your own energy field.
It is a 3 step process like cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin.

Step 1 -
Cleanse your Amulet with the smoke from sage / Palo santo or hold the crystal under running water

Step 2 -
Charge your Amulet by holding your crystal in your left hand and imagine a bright white or golden light glowing from it

Step 3-
Programme your Amulet by asking your crystal for the energy you wish to receive that day eg protection, joy, peace or abundance
Transfer your Amulet to your right hand to receive this energy



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