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The crystal chooses you

One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘How do I choose a Crystal Amulet?’
The answer is simple the crystal chooses you. What do I mean by that?
Each crystal has a specific energy and the one that resonates with you or that you are drawn to must speak to something in your life that you are looking to call in or heal.

I like to call Crystal Amulets our allies as they are not just jewellery they are energetic tools that when chosen and used with intention, have the power to enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual balance in our lives.

Choosing a crystal comes down to trust.
Trust in your own intuition and power to make the right choice for you. I really believe that no one can choose a crystal on your behalf, you need to tap into your powerful inner knowing and go with your gut reaction.

Remember that when you choose or are drawn to crystals, you are ready for transformation in your life.



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