We each have great abilities, some of which haven’t yet manifested or we may have forgotten as we work through our minds and not our heart (souls) desires. Your Life Path number is unique to you without the influence of other people, beliefs or values. When we are out of alignment with our path in life, lessons will repeat themselves until we learn them. Awareness of your Life Path number can catalyse rebalancing the relationship between our soul and personalities.
Upon use of the Life Path Calculator below you will receive 3 numbers , all digits have an influence but the final digit is key to your hidden calling. The first two numbers from the calculation are called your underlying aspects which contribute to the tapestry of of lives but have less influence than your higher aspect the final number. However underlying aspects are still important as we need to work through the issues and challenges they represent before we can reach the full potential of our higher aspect. Please enter all three digits when ordering your Crystal Amulet eg 35/8