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Crystal Amulets

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I want to empower you by letting your intuition and inner guidance draw you to the Crystal Amulet meant for you. Upon feeling this call, know that the crystal that wants to work with you, guide you and protect you , chooses you. When you wear a Crystal Amulet you are magnifying the life force energy and power you hold within you.

I express and customise your Crystal Amulet with your Life Path Number as I feel we all share an innate desire for meaning, direction and purpose in our lives. My intention is that when your awareness is expanded on your Life Path Number your life will be illuminated with clarity, excitement and understanding.

Each Crystal Amulet is one of a kind. As far back as the Stone Age men and women wore sacred Crystal Amulets to guard against harm, boost life force energy, increase mental abilities and convey power.
In the modern day with technology, convenience and lack of connection to nature this ancient practice became lost as a faded memory.

Upon creation of your Crystal Amulet I perform an energy ritual attuning your Amulet to the highest vibration of LOVE.
Let’s co-create your Crystal Amulet ally!


3 simple steps to

Crystal Care


• Smudge with sage or paulo santo

* In rain water or a natural flowing stream (do not expose opals to water)

* In sunlight (Topaz, Kunzite , Amethyst and Citrine) are sensitive to sunlight light so do not expose for long periods of time.


Increase the energy of your Crystal Amulet by charging under moonlight or by visualisation. 


Crystals hold information, use this gift to programme your Crystal Amulet.

Hold your Amulet in your right hand and set your intention for that day e.g protection, clarity, joy etc

Then transfer your Crystal Amulet to your left hand to receive this energy.