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Zoom Kunzite Amulet 18”
Zoom Kunzite Amulet 18”
Zoom Kunzite Amulet 18”
Zoom Kunzite Amulet 18”

Kunzite Amulet 18”



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Kunzite carries a very high vibration, it is attuned to the heart and radiates universal love. It is a great healer for those that have experienced betrayal or have had to grow up too fast. Kunzite dissolves any walls built around the heart for protection, bringing back lost trust and innocence. This Amulet is useful for the highly sensitive as it can block geopathic 


stress, shield the aura from unwanted energies and mental influences. Kunzite naturally contains the mineral lithium which when in contact with the skin produces a calming and tranquil effect on the mind and body. Kunzite is a beautiful gift for mother and baby as it strengthens their bond and connection even when baby is in utero. 

Kunzite is photosensitive, some colours may fade over time if in direct sunlight.

If you would like a different chain length please contact us on the Design It page


Crystal size: 22x11mm

Sustainability: Each product is made with a choice of recycled materials as it reduces waste, and also the dependance on natural or fossil fuel derived material.
Each crystal is natural from the earth and the presence of inclusions will vary in each, adding to their character.

Amulet Care

Your Crystal Amulet should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Do not wear it in the shower or while you sleep. Crystals are delicate, please treat your Amulet with gentle movements and loving-kindness.

I include a small brush with each order to clean where the crystal meets the chain if needed along your journey with your Crystal Amulet.

Kunzite Amulet 18”



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