Fluorite Amulet
Fluorite Amulet
Fluorite Amulet
Fluorite Amulet
Fluorite Amulet
Fluorite Amulet
Fluorite Amulet

Fluorite Amulet

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Crystal size 35x15mm. *The top of this crystal is quite uneven and it contains the most beautiful galactic purple inclusions *

This vibrant crystal brings a scattered mind back to wholeness. It is an amulet for mental clarity, focus and enhancement. Fluorite can overcome chaos bringing balance to areas of your life that need it creating the perfect environment for accomplishing your goals. Expanding consciousness it advances the mind to greater mental, spiritual and psychic awareness. Fluorite stirs creativity and provides a limitless range of avenues for exploration.



BLUE- Amplifies your healing potential by focusing brain activity, enhancing creativity and promoting clear communication. 

GREEN- Absorbs negative energy from the environment, grounds excess energy and promotes growth in all aspects of life. Attuned to the energy of the heart. 

PURPLE- Is attuned to the third eye,deepens meditative states and  awakens psychic gifts. 

I am drawn to create with gold which holds the masculine energy of the Sun and creates perfect balance within each Amulet. 

Upon creation of your Crystal Amulet I perform an energy ritual attuning your Amulet to the highest vibration of LOVE.

I customise your Crystal Amulet with your Life Path number , a constant reminder that you are on purpose. Find your life path number HERE

Would you like me to express this through which of the following? 

-Opal will enhance cosmic consciousness bringing luck & happiness.

The luminous colours of Opals will fade and shift over time as they are in constant contact with your skin which is excreting natural oils. Their energetic properties remain the same and they fade into a light yellow colour. Please keep this in mind when choosing to express your Life Path through this crystal.

-Moonstone is for emotional alchemy, bringing your rhythm of life back to Mother Earth.

-The 14k gold spheres holding the masculine energy from the sun creating a perfect balance within each amulet. Symbolising the master healer.

Please take note of crystals listed that are photosensitive and treat accordingly by wearing your Amulet under your top during very sunny days. 

I have chosen a fine chain as I want the Crystal to be in contact with the body with the least amount of interference as possible. 

Please wear your Amulet with gentleness, care and love.

I include a small brush with each order to clean where the crystal meets the chain if needed along your journey with your Crystal Amulet. 

For longevity you should avoid wearing your Amulet in water, to clean the chain please use a soft cloth.