Life Path 1

| Self Confidence, Soulful Creativity, Trust, Balanced Sensitivity, Individuality |

One of the gifts of a life path 1 is to bring positive, creative energy into their world with confidence. On their highest path they have a cauldron of creative energy and an abundance of vital life force energy. Being in close contact to nature and the natural world is very important for life path 1s as it keeps them grounded. Once they are open to working with their gifts, many discover their natural healing energy and abilities. With personal magnetism, individuality and a strong sense of productivity Life path 1s can achieve anything once they’re aligned with their gifts.


Life Path 2

| Strong Boundaries, Self Awareness, Healthy Transitions, Strength, Acceptance |
Life path 2s have a strong desire to serve, help, assist and support others. With large heart centres and being great listeners they can easily become leaders in any field. Healthy boundaries is key for Life Path 2’s as well as balancing the needs of self versus the needs of others. This Life Path is fulfilled when they can
support others while being in alignment with their life’s purpose.


Life Path 3

| Worthiness, Authentic Expression, Faith, Protection, Confidence |

Authentic expression can be a challenge but once mastered an amazing gift for Life Path 3’s. With large emotional fields and high sensitivity they can easily feel and take on what isn’t theirs. When they learn to protect themselves energetically from outside influences , their acute sensitivity is where their wisdom and gifts lie. Expressing their radiant inner light, sharing authentic feelings honestly and directly while encouraging others to do the same is key to fulfilling their life purpose.



Life Path 4

| Patience , Commitment, Groundedness, Acceptance, Purpose |

Patience and commitment are key components for Life Path 4s. To bring dreams fully into reality it’s important that they follow a gradual process and build a strong foundation for their goals to be built upon. Letting go of the past and grounding themselves back into their bodies is very important for them to be in alignment with their highest path in life. Once a Life Path 4 forms a clear plan and commits to a process they can achieve anything in the realm of possibility.


Life Path 5

| Presence, Focus, Decisiveness, Clarity, Motivation |

If I could paint a picture of a Life Path 5 it would be of a juggler trying time keep many interests and passions in the air at one time. Without clear, unwavering focus and discipline these can all come tumbling down. A clear sense of will and direction in life is key for a Life Path 5. They learn hard lessons in digging many half wells and leaving projects before they can see the fruits of their labour. Natural adventurers they can get bored easily but this is actually an indication they’re starting to make progress. Mastering discipline is a large part of their life’s purpose, in doing this they can maintain and value their authentic selves.



Life Path 6

| Tolerance, Acceptance, Purity,Self Love, Forgiveness |

Learning to accept themselves and others in each moment can have a life changing affect on a Life Path 6. Letting go of judgment and any incredibly high standards they set for themselves can allow space for them to tap into their true potential. None of us are born to experience perfect lives, we each have challenges and imperfections we have come here to work out. When we realise this we can see the beauty in all things. Improving themselves and others in their sphere of influence is a large part of their life’s purpose.



Life Path 7

| Confidence, Trust, Inner Wisdom, Creative Expression, Appreciation |

Seeking knowledge through the minds of others will never serve Life Path 7’s well. One of their life lessons is to learn that they hold the key to the door they want to walk through. Alone time or private space can be very beneficial for them to tap into their inner resources. Upon fully trusting themselves they can open up to let their inner light shine outwards. Trusting their mind, body, emotions and wisdom is central to their life purpose. By doing this they can open up fully with faith and share their gifts with the world.



Life Path 8

| Leadership, Abundance , Worthiness, Generosity, Personal Power |

When a life path 8 is in alignment with their highest selves abundance , influence and personal power flow from this state. The number 8 has two interconnected circles symbolising the connection between the cosmic realm and earth. There is a constant flow of divine inspiration available to Life Path 8s at all times. Many will face challenges around authority, power, influence, money and control. Their success is based upon their internal world. If they experience inner abundance, power and respect they can effectively manifest these qualities into the world. This life purpose benefits from tapping into their own power, abundance and leadership so they can influence others to grow into their own personal power.



Life Path 9

| Truth, Self Acceptance, Integrity, Trust, Courage |

Leading from the heart is truely embodying the essence of integrity. It is easy to be swayed by the mind if you do not fully trust yourself and your heart. Living the highest aspect of this life path means becoming a truth slayer cutting through what you think you are to what you know you are. Life Path 9s on their highest path walk their talk with integrity and compassion. They are compelled through their lives upward on the path to greater wisdom. As they move to being guided by the heart they give others space to follow their own truths serving as a beacon of light to lead others.



Life Path 11

This Master Number Life Path holds all of the gifts, talents and potential challenges as Life Path 1 in double the magnitude. Those with this higher aspect have large and powerful energy fields. Upon grounding their great life force energy and being natural innovators they have the natural capabilities to perform and produce wonders. It is important Life Path 11s always have confidence to take creative risks making their lives exciting.

* Please choose Life Path 1 Flower Remedy as your vibrational ally to support this higher aspect.



Life Path 12

Life Path 12 contains an equal measure of 1 and 2 resulting in a unique and powerful form of creative cooperation.
Their creativity is luminous and manifests fully in cooperation with others.
You can also add the 1 and 2 leaving your with the higher aspect of 3.
See Life Path 1,2&3 below.
*Please enter 1&2 as underlying aspects and 3 as your higher aspect when ordering a Crystal Amulet

*Please choose Life Path 1, 2 &3 Flower Remedies as your vibrational ally’s to support this higher aspect.
Start with whichever Remedy resonates with you most in this present moment.



Life Path 22

This Master Number Life Path holds all the gifts, talents and potential challenges as Life Path 2 in double the magnitude.
The first 2 focuses on inner cooperation i.e integration of conflicting beliefs or values.
The second 2 focuses on outer cooperation i.e relating to others, honouring their own and other people’s boundaries. Finding balance between over giving and shutting down or resentment is key.
Life Path 22’s are considered the Master Builders, they have great potential of inspiring and motivating others in realising their dreams.

*Please choose Life Path 2 Flower Remedy as your vibrational ally to support your higher aspect.