Siadbh's Story

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I am a highly sensitive being.

It has been a challenge and a gift, because my whole life I have felt everything deeply.
In my early 20s I was catalysed into learning how to protect my energy field, becoming more discerning when tuning into my own energy and absorbing less from others.

My intuition and inner knowing..

Developed rapidly over this time. I learned  how to protect my energy field through grounding practices such as epsom salt baths , nature walks and meditation. These practices were life changing experiences for me and eventually led me to working with vibrational and energetic healing modalities such as reiki, flower essences and crystals as they awakened my ability to heal myself.
Upon reflection, my attraction to these branches of vibrational medicine along with life path numbers was all due to following my heart and recognising the spark of joy they ignited within me.

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This journey began for me when...

One day I had inspired thought to start wire wrapping crystals so I could wear my own creations. My first Crystal Amulet was born from a Black Tourmaline crystal wrapped in a guitar string and has evolved sevenfold since then.I have been drawn to crystals since I was a child and even more so in my recent years. My spiritual practice began through Reiki many years ago, now a Reiki Master and Flower Essence Practitioner I feel a strong call to work with the natural world and gifts of our Earth. Healing and supporting the energetic and emotional bodies of those who feel the call.