Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity Amulet was inspired by Archangel Metatrons Tree of life which within depicts three pillars of light which are all expressed through many different religions. I created this amulet with Ethiopian Opal which acts as prism within the aura of the wearer bringing in light energy. It is also a powerful amulet for transformation.
Opals are delicate. They can be compared to good quality glassware, in terms of their hardness. Knowing this, be mindful when wearing your opal piece not to knock it against hard objects or other gemstones, as your opal could crack, scratch or chip. Opals can be worn daily if the wearer is mindful of this. Due to their delicate nature they colour can shift when they’re exposed to liquid including perspiration, lotions, oils and tan. Please be mindful of this when choosing an Opal Amulet.