Flower Remedy

The birth of Flower Essence Therapy

While there are whispers of flower essence therapy being used for healing since ancient times, the precise creation of flower essences for specific emotions and personalities was developed by Dr Edward Bach a medical doctor in the 1930’s. His experience and research while treating patients led him to the realisation that if your body, mind and emotions were not balance the outcome could show in physical illness. He suggested that physical illness was a way of our body bringing our attention to and calling for a change in our way of living and mental outlook.

What are Flower Remedies?

Flower remedies are non invasive, life enhancing subtle therapies which are vibrational in nature. They are used to heal disconnections, blocks and distortions to our true selves. Flower essences are prepared from a sun infusion of the bioenergetic imprint of the flower in spring water which is further potenised and preserved. The life forces derived from the flowers and contained in the water based matrix have an impact on our various energy fields.
I use Irish made shiso vinegar as a preservative in preparing my flower remedies making them inclusive for everyone.
The action of flower remedies can be compared to the resonance we feel when hearing a beautiful piece of music. This experience shifts and moves something deep within us. The specific structures and shapes of the life force conveyed by each flower essence resonate with and awaken qualities within the human soul.